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We care about our customers so we are hoping to make this holiday a memorable one as you will be sharing our foods around your table. Food has always brought our family joy so we are hoping to share the joy with you especially in these tough times.

Thanksgiving Menu

Stuffing (our bread sweet sausage cranberries and pecans)

Scalloped Potatoes

Potatoes Au Gratin

Fried Sweet Potatoes

Mac and Cheese

Rainbow Carrots in a Honey Balsamic Glaze 

Brussels Sprout Salad (Apples Raisins Pumpkin Seeds In An Apple Cider Vinegarette)

Asparagus Wrapped In Proscuitto

Boaggio’s Handmade Breads

Cranberry Old Fashioned Rolls

Cranberry Pull Apart Dinner Rolls

Plain Parker Pull Aparts

Cranberry Pecan 3/4 Sliced Bread

Gourmet Loaf (French Toast For The Next Day)

Chocolate Brioche

Queen Anne Pasta Available Frozen

Ravioli Plain

Ravioli Butternut Squash


Stuffed Shells

Boaggio’s Homemade Foods

Chicken Cutlets


Roast Pork

Stuffed Peppers Annahiem or Sweet

Fried Eggplant


Broc Rabe

Roasted Peppers

Boaggio’s Italian Cookies and Italian Pasties

Full assortment of cookies – pastries – ricotta cheesecake – New York cheesecake
We also carry the most delicious line of chocolate chip cookies.

Other Products

You can also order from our year-round store at https://boaggiosbread.com/shop/.

How To Order

Please send all orders to [email protected] and indicate quantity.

Any and all orders must be paid for in advance to help make your shopping experience as smoothly as possible.

We will be doing a numbering ordering system to help the process as well.

If there is anything you would want to form the store items that we carry please add to your order.

We will be open for your convenience Wednesday from 11 to 5 PM.

We are thankful grateful and blessed to have you walk through our doors
Boaggios bread inc.

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