There’s nothing like freshly toasted cranberry walnut bread to perfectly sandwich Vagabond’s generous stack of freshly sliced Turkey, granny smith apples and melted brie. Like Thanksgiving year round, this sandwich is a customer favorite made world famous on Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. As Guy says, ‘very cosmopolitan!‘”

Julie Craig
Vagabond Kitchen & Taphouse

“I have personally used Boaggio’s since opening my first pizzeria in 1983. Have used them in every restaurant and business I have owned since. Simply the Best, freshest bead around.”

Darryl Kauffman

“I have had the pleasure of working with Donna and Boaggio bread for the last 5 years. I chose to use them as my exclusive bread provider because of the quality and variety of products that they can offer. In today’s market you must meet the wants of your customer or your competition will. Boaggio’s bread always has something delicious to fit my needs.”

Marlo Dilks
P’unk Burger

I have been using Baggio bread for over 15 years . There variety you freshness and always dependable service is awesome I never get any negative from them ,Donna and Rich goes out of there way to please all in any way . That’s why after 15 years I can say there the best you would be crazy if you did not by from them. Buy Baggio.”

Chef George Kralle
Merion Caterers

township bagels

“Boaggio’s has some of the best bread. My 2 most favorites are the Multigrain Bread  and the Gourmet bread. The multigrain made of wheat, many grains and  seeds. They are just hearty, healthy, crunchy and delicious. We use the gourmet Bread  to make French toast, and stuff French toast, and we also use them to make sandwich. Just talking about it, makes my mouth watering. They have many more, you’d just have to try them.”

Township Bagel

“Places like these are getting hard to find family owned an run by family. They make from scratch to completion the breads any type your hearts desire.”

George Mata, Jr.

“I had the whole wheat bread with my breakfast at the Township bagel. I was so impressed with the taste that I had to ask the brand name!

Denise D.