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Now featuring round pies Friday Only. First come, first serve until sold out. Can only be ordered the same day by calling (856) 642-9955.

Call (856) 642-9955 or email [email protected] to submit your order today!

We care about our customers so we are hoping to make this holiday a memorable one as you will be sharing our foods around your table. Food has always brought our family joy so we are hoping to share the joy with you this holiday season.

Also available pizza, sandwiches, stuffed breads, cookies, pastries and groceries.

How To Order

Please send all orders to [email protected] and indicate quantity.

Any and all orders must be paid for in advance to help make your shopping experience as smoothly as possible. 

We will be doing a numbering ordering system to help the process as well.

We will be open for your convenience Wednesday from 11 to 5 PM.

We are thankful, grateful and blessed to have you walk through our doors.

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